Friday, 3 August 2012

Daily glass of wine ‘is as good as drugs for protecting thin bones in older women’

One or two glasses of wine a day could work as well as drugs at protecting older women from thinning bones.

Regular moderate intake of alcohol after the menopause helps to maintain bone strength, according to an international review team.

In comparison, they say, abstaining from alcohol leads to a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

women were drinking 19g of alcohol a day – about two small glasses of wine – they had a drop in loss of old bone that improved the balance between old and new bone, maintaining strength

'Moderate amounts of alcohol might be beneficial for bones, but excessive alcohol increases the risk of fractures, as well as increasing the risk of falls.'

Osteoporosis is often termed the 'silent disease' as there are no symptoms prior to a fracture. However, once a person has broken a bone, their risk of breaking another bone - a fragility fracture - increases dramatically.

Around 300,000 fragility fractures occur every year in the UK, and hip fractures lead to 1,150 deaths every month.

The Forum last year produced a summary of studies confirming that moderate alcohol consumption is linked with improvements in bone mineral density.
'The moderate alcohol effect on bone is really quite potent. This is the 'big issue' in determining the relation of moderate alcohol intake and bone that needs resolving.

'It would be interesting to investigate just how long the levels of the bone turnover markers remain suppressed - if for 24 hours, then the regular, modest consumption (versus the 3 days a week modest consumption) debate for alcohol has some 'data' that supports the former - at least for bone.'

May be in these reason only all christian's drinks wine in their festivals..

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