Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Seasonal Small Businesses Using Social Media to Maintain Year-Round Presence

Cape Cod, Vermont, Montauk: these are all hot tourist destinations, but only during certain seasons. As the weather changes, so too does their appeal, prompting many small businesses to close up shop for the off season.
Just because businesses close their doors, it doesn't mean they also shut off customer engagement. Instead, seasonal small businesses are turning to Facebook, a virtual, year-round, weatherproof storefront. Owners used to rely on snail mail to keep their businesses in the back of consumers’ minds, but social media is cheaper and allows for a real-time, more intimate interaction.
Meet Cape Cod's Four Seas Ice Cream, Vermont's Equipe Sport and Montauk's South Edison, three small businesses using social media to build a loyal customer base no matter the weather outside.

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