Saturday, 4 June 2011

A 17-year-old Chinese High School student sells his Kidney for an iPad 2

Xiao Zheng is a highschool student in HuaisShan city,AnHui province .He is a big fun of electronic products,especially the Apple's Ipad.But obviously he can not afford it.

Some human organ agents are using illegal software to send their advertisements to everyone on line  .Xiao Zheng was interest in their offer and after chatting with them on the internet, 17-year-old Xiao Zheng agreed to go to the hospital in Hunan to remove one of the his kidneys in exchange for RMB22,000 ,about 4,000 USD. One month later, Xiao Zheng finds he has less energy at school due to poor health and now regrets about his decision very much. 
Xiao Zheng shows the wound on his back.
“I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but didn’t have any money. One day I saw an online message sent from a human organ agent which said they could pay me RMB20,000 for one kidney.” Xiao Zheng told the reporter from local medias. 

Xiao Zheng went to Hunan and had the surgery done without telling his parents. Three days later, he took the money and returned to his hometown in Anhui, but his mother noticed the difference straight away. 

“My son brought back an iPad 2 and an iPhone when he came home, where did he get all that money? He finally told us that he sold his kidney after we kept asking.” Says Xiao Zheng’s mother, Ms. Liu. 

After knowing what happened to her son, Ms. Liu took Xiao Zheng to Hunan and reported the incident to the local police, but the mobile phone number of the agent was no longer in use. 

The reporter then went to the hospital where Xiao Zheng had the surgery but a nurse there told him that the hospital was not equipped for kidney removal surgeries, and the department in which Xiao Zheng stayed had already been sold to a contractor from Fujian.

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