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50 Best Science Sites for the Average Joe

Whether you are a science professor, student, or just someone with an interest in science, your main source of information would invariably be the internet. Searching for scientific topics of research and discussion can lead to an endless list of websites. Though some sites can be very informative, they can also be filled with misinterpretations. And let’s face it; some of them can leave you a bit bewildered instead of solving the question at hand. The below list is full of respected, trustworthy, and enjoyable websites that you can use as reference when searching for all of your scientific data.
Science Fundamentals
Search these sites for information and answers to any of your basic scientific principles.
    1. How Stuff Works – Get the explanations you were looking for incorporated with vibrant pictures regarding life and earth sciences. Explore all the aspects of our physical being.
    2. Science Channel – Brought to you by the Discovery Channel, learn everything you need to know through educational and entertaining programs. There are also great puzzles and quizzes too.
    3. British Broadcasting Corporation Science & Nature – A general science site from the BBC with a collection of principle introductory resources focusing on current topics like astronomy and genetics.
    4. Nova – Home of the Public Broadcasting Systems science shows, search through videos on an abundance of topics ranging from Tsunami’s to Sasquatch. Don’t forget about the great science information that is also detailed on this comprehensive site.
    5. Australian Broadcasting Corporation Science – This is your all around fundamental science site. Stories are arranged by topics and there are great sections like Ask an Expert for any question you might have.
    6. – Provides news and data related to space and astronomy. Besides having a great links section, there are weekly featured articles that offer intriguing investigations on a number of subjects.
    7. – A guide to the periodic table. Just click on one of the element characters and receive tidbits on its origination, properties, uses and more.
    8. Exploratorium – This was one of the first science museums to create their site on the Web. There are currently more that 15 thousand topics available for research and collaboration.
    9. – Science World provides charts and explanations of many basic scientific concepts including astronomy and chemistry. Information is categorized and easy enough for even a beginning scientist to understand.
    10. Extreme Science – Find out the answers behind the science of the most extreme examples on this site. Expand your knowledge of world records in natural sciences that include earth and the animal community.
    11. Calendar of Science – The Pacific Science Center publishes this monthly collection of discussion worthy science facts that they hope will add some spruce to your daily rituals and maybe learn something you might not have been aware of.
    12. Franklin Institute Science Museum – This website is presented by the famous Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Make note to look at the Online Exhibits page to get a real feel for the exhibits being shown.
Science Search Engines & Research
Whether writing a science report or trying to sort through a perplexing scientific topic, these sites offer the information and resources you need.
    13. – searches over 2000 approved databases and websites that providing unending pages of reputable scientific research and development results from the U.S. government.
    14. – Searches all electronic libraries of major leaders in science and technology principles and provides trustworthy and relevant results.
    15. – This site contains a list of what they feel to be the best science blogs. The opinions are of course personal, but a nice site that can let you learn science from a different point of view.
    16. Wikibooks Science Bookshelf – A great effort being made by the well know Wikipedia to create online textbooks for Science. Some of these works are in progress but the ones that are completed relay very relevant scientific information.
    17. Science Research – This site claims to be one of the most complete science search engines around. It is is a free service, open to the public, that uses an innovative search technology that returns results in real time.
    18. – Provides insight into all fields of science and technology. You will also receive quick, thought provoking, and intelligent news and explanations of up and coming trends science, scientists and the public.
    19. SciSeek – A combined directory and search engine for science related web pages. It also has some other features such as reference material and discussion forums.
    20. – Operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this site lists recent press releases from many research centers around the world. Although you must be a member, most public press releases and announcements are easily accessible on any scientific subject.
    21. SciCentral – Since 1997, these editors have been reporting breaking research news from the most reliable and respected sources. This engine has won more than 25 Web awards and receives wonderful reviews from leading science publishers.
    22. LiveScience – This website offers all the newest developments in science, space, technology, health, and the environment. Use it for free or create an account to post in forums or comment on articles.
    23. Scirus – Another great scientific research tool provided on the web. With millions of scientific items, you can search for not only journal content but also scientists’ homepages and courses.
    24. SciNet Science Search – A searchable directory of science with many different categories. There is also a list of “50 Most Helpful Science Sites”.
Simple Experiments
Get some fun ideas with these sites that offer some great science experiments you can do at home with some simple materials.
    25. Reeko’s Mad Scientist – A mad scientist with a fresh outlook and an engaging writing style. His experiments have a rating scale of Easy, Intermediate and Advanced so you have a clue of what you might be getting yourself into.
    26. The Science Buddies – A website is full of reference materials and project ideas dedicated to help you in whatever area of interest you might have. The Topic Selection Wizard can recommend a project idea and provide helpful tips and information.
    27. 27. Steve Spangler Science Experiments – Steve Spangler performs science experiments for a weekly local television show, but his web site features some really fun and simple science experiments you can do at home. Steve tries really hard to make science fun.
    28. Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive – This list of fun experiments should make you reminisce about your childhood science classes. The experiments are easy and they should not take too long to setup.
    29. Evil Mad Scientist – This web sites features a do it yourself project provided weekly. They are somewhat more advanced than other sites, but the projects are pretty cool.
    30. Science Fair Project Idea List – All Science Subjects – These science fair ideas give you information and questions you can develop into a science fair project. You can even submit your own idea to be included in the list.
    31. Joey Green’s Mad Scientist Experiments – These experiments involve common materials you will find around the house. There are hundreds of unknown uses for common household products that can give you and your family hours of fun.
Science Magazines & Journals
Read these online collections of classic journals and up-to-date periodicals to help you find exactly what answers you’re looking for.
    32. Scientific American – This site is like a cross between a scientific journal and a science basic magazine. There is a balance between specific scientific writing and writing that is accessible to any curious person interested in science.
    33. Physics Today – This is the leading publication on physical sciences for a general audience. All of the contents from issues since July of 2000 are now available online. The articles focus on stories and recent research findings. There are also very good book reviews.
    34. Discover Magazine – From Walt Disney comes the Discover Magazine; this is a quality site with featured articles from current and back issues. This site is updated daily and features the most up to the minute science news on the net.
    35. Science News Magazine – An award winning weekly news magazine covering the most important research in all fields of science. There is also a table of contents for issues dating back to 1996 with a full text of selected articles online.
    36. National Geographic – This colorful site features articles and graphics from the popular science and nature magazine.
    37. New Scientist – A weekly science magazine that some believe to be the best in the area of scientifical subject matter. There are articles tagged from current issues that include new and exciting areas of science.
    38. American Scientist – This is a bi-monthly magazine of the Sigma Xi science honorary society. The archives are organized by subject area and contain full text of selected articles. There are abstracts for other articles, and most entries also include additional references and links.
    39. Technology Review – With an emphasis on technology in many fields of study such as computer technology, biotech, and nanotechnology, you can educate yourself free of charge. There are also some great discussion forums.
    40. ScienceDaily Magazine – An exciting site with daily news from major press releases. There is a variety of links, discussion groups, books, and a pretty decent search capability.
Scientific Organizations & Institutes
These Scientific Organizations have sites that are devoted to the education, advancement and research of the scientific issues that are important to those in the field as well as our entire communities.
    41. Academic Earth – As more and more high quality educational content becomes available online for free, Academic Earth has provided a user friendly site with full video courses and lectures in subjects including Astronomy, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics
    42. Free Science Lectures – Learn more about psychics, chemistry, biology and more through the free lectures on this site.
    43. Free Science and Video Lectures Online! – Although considered a blog, the only content offered on this site is videos and lectures that are related to the scientific area.
Science Lectures
Educate yourself with some higher learning from these sites that offer cutting edge science lectures from highly respected institutions.
    44. National Science Foundation – This foundation nurtures scientific developments in the United States. They are the only federal agency who supports all areas of fundamental science and engineering, except for medical sciences.
    45. NASA – An extraordinary website with an overflow of information, pictures and video. Browse through numerous categories and subjects updated every day about achievements in current space missions.
    46. The American Association for the Advancement of Science – AAAS publishes the journal Science, as well as many scientific newsletters, books and reports. They are inventors of interesting programs that promote understanding of the scientific world
    47. United States Environmental Protection Agency – Not completely about science but a super Science and Technology section is offered. There is also a list of technical websites with data regarding air pollution science, technology, measurement, and prevention.
    48. HubbleSite – If you love astronomy and the Hubble telescope, then this is the site for you. The gallery section provides information on the telescope, the discoveries made, and links to educational sites and museums with Hubble activities.
    49. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association – The NOAA’s devoted scientists use the latest research and high-tech equipment to equipped citizens, politicians, emergency managers and other important decision makers with highly regarded information needed for them to make the best choices for the world we live in today.
    50. Union of Concerned Scientists – This group promotes collaboration of scientists as well as laymen for the goal of a healthy and safe environment for our children and their children in the years to come.
You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the above websites, just someone with a love for science and all that it entails.

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