Sunday, 6 May 2012

How to Find Happiness in Your Current Job

So maybe you don't have your dream job, or maybe you're hitting a rough patch and it's affecting everything - not just your work day. None of us ever want to be in the situation where we are miserable, hate our jobs, and just stare at the clock to count down the minutes. But some of us are. And most of us don't have the ground to actually be unhappy at work - most of us (in fact, none of us) have grounds to be unhappy in life, period.
Want to know why?

Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice. You choose to be happy. You choose to be unhappy. There are choice that you can make in the way that you perceive your job and what you do when you are at work that can - while they may not change your overall outlook on the job - will at least allow you to find some happiness and satisfaction at the office.
Focus on what you actually like about your position. Don't dwell on the negative aspects - and don't involve yourself in office gossip. Make friends with people at the office and build relationships.

Find Your Creativity

Whether pushing boundaries and creative ideas is fostered at your workplace or not, finding, growin,g and understanding your creativity is a great way to affirm to yourself, that you're...well, worth it, as a person. And any creative venture, any unknown territory, that you explore at work or outside of the office, you will get a sense of fulfillment that you wouldn't necessarily have otherwise.
Plus, skipping a few TV shows at night and doing something else instead will keep you invigorated, social and active outside of the office - so that you won't feel like your entire life is getting sucked into the work sphere.

Be Proactive

One of the things that I will most often hear people who are unhappy with their jobs say is "They don't tell me anything" - well, that's because you don't ask.
If you feel like your bosses aren't communicating goals or training you properly - tell them! Your superiors main job is not to hold your hand and make sure that everything is going smoothly for you. It's your job to take control of the lines of communication and your own training. Learn who holds the power (official or not) and understand how to communicate with them.
Plus, if there are moments where you feel like you're drowning in work or you don't have a clue to do the task, say something. If you struggle through and do things poorly, it will reflect poorly on you. Admitting that you don't know how to do something or that you need help shouldn't.

De-stress and Disassociate

Whether it's yoga, meditation, rock climbing or painting, find something that allows you to strip away all the problems of the day and really separate the issues of your work and your life. Don't let your work follow you home, unless that is something you're mentally prepared for and open to.
These are just a few ways to find happiness in whatever place in your life and career you are in. How do you find your happiness in your work and life, and how do you balance it?

Make a Career Change

Is your job making you unhappy? In this day and age, its not uncommon for individuals to switcn careers mid-life, or even before then. Online degrees make it possible for you to obtain higher education while still receiving a paycheck. Whether you are a customer service representative looking to obtain a Nursing degree, or a car repair technician looking to obtain an IT degree to advance as a Network Security professional - your career change is possible with the proper education. Career satisfaction and overall happiness are very interconnected, so find a career that can bring the happiness you deserve.

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