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Denmark : PhD Project in Methodologies for the Economic and Societal valuation of Wind, Energy Storage and Demand-Side Management

DTU Informatics would like to invite applications for a 3-year PhD position starting as soon as possible after the 1st of April 2012. The successful candidate will work in the Section of Mathematical Statistics, with a dynamic and internationally recognised group focusing on energy-related matters, in terms of modelling, forecasting, and decision-making under uncertainty. The project is financed by DTU Informatics, DTU Elektro and Vestas through the iPower Strategic Research Platform.

Project Description
Towards 2025 the Danish consumption of electricity from wind energy is expected to increase from 20% to 50%. With that objective in mind, the iPower strategic research platform is looking at developing an intelligent and flexible energy system that can handle the large increase of wind power generation. The rationale is to shift from consumption-driven power generation to production-driven electricity consumption, hence permitting to maximize benefits from wind energy generation. The iPower platform is a collaboration of 32 partners, universities and research institutions as well as industrial companies from various countries. The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the coordinator and coordinates the iPower platform, supported by SPIR - Strategic Platform for Innovation and Research. SPIR is an initiative of the Danish Council for Strategic Research and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation.

While demand-side management with direct and indirect control strategies directly brings benefits to the system in shape of regulating power, the idea of making wind power generation more flexible through co-ordination with local energy storage may present similar technical and economic advantages. The overall aim of this PhD project will be to propose and develop rigorous methodologies for the economic and societal valuation of systems combining wind, energy storage and demand-side management. The work will be closely linked to a Danish demonstration site.

The PhD project will concentrate on economic and societal value of wind, energy storage and demand-side management (Wind/ES/DSM) systems. Previous work has concentrated on the revenue potentials for the owner of a wind power plant in the ancillary markets for regulation power and frequency response. However, the economic and societal value usually is shared between several participants (potentially a few of them only) or hidden. Hence, it is important to identify the different participants: the wind plant owner, the local community, the balance responsible party, the local net owner/operator, the TSO, the small and large consumers and the society (regionally and maybe even globally). The PhD will build on existing work at DTU Informatics and DTU Elektro (formerly Risø DTU, Intelligent Energy Systems), on optimal participation of wind power producers in electricity markets, and on system models accounting for stochastic generation patterns (i.e. Wilmar).

The PhD project is to be supervised by Assoc. Prof. Pierre Pinson (DTU Informatics), Senior Scientist Henrik Bindner (DTU Elektro, formerly Risø DTU, Intelligent Energy Systems) and Thomas Busk Espersen (Vestas, Technology R&D). The main workplace should be DTU Informatics on the DTU Lyngby campus, though it may also be possible to find a flexible arrangement between the Lyngby and Risø campus (in Roskilde).

Candidates must have a master degree in applied mathematics, statistics, electrical/power systems/energy engineering, operations research or more generally engineering, or alternatively equivalent academic qualifications. Preference will be given to candidates who can document their background and expertise in

  • Optimization (eg. linear programming, stochastic optimization, stochastic programming)
  • Control theory
  • Statistical modelling (eg. regression, time-series analysis, estimation)
  • Basic understanding of power systems management and electricity markets
  • Basic knowledge of probability theory
and in addition have excellent oral and written communication skills. Furthermore, good command of the English language is essential.

Approval and Enrolment
The scholarship for the PhD degree is subject to academic approval, and the candidate will be enrolled in the ITMAN Graduate School Programme of DTU Informatics. Information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies is included in the general rules at DTU, which may be obtained here.

Salary and appointment terms
The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current Danish rules for PhD degree students.

Further Information
Further information concerning the project can be obtained from Pierre Pinson

Further information concerning the application is available at the DTU Informatics PhD homepage, the DTU Informatics Graduate School ITMAN homepage or by contacting the responsible ITMAN Graduate School secretary: Ulla Jensen
, phone: + 45 4525 3359.

Applications must be submitted in English and we must have your online application by the 15th of February 2012. Please open the link in the grey bar below: "apply for this job online" (“søg stillingen online”).

Applications must include:

  • Application (letter of motivation)
  • CV
  • Documentation of a relevant completed M.Sc. or M.Eng.-degree
  • Course and grade list of bachelor and master degrees
  • Calculation of the weighted grade average, see guidelines here
All candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.
Further Information
Application Deadline : 15 February 2012
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