Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Training On "Application of Computational Biology for Studying Abiotic Stresses in Insects" by NBAII

Subject Training On "Application of Computational Biology for Studying Abiotic Stresses in Insects" (March 5th - 17th, 2012) Organized by National Burea Of Agriculturally Important Insects About National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid (NABG) Project : Formally launched on 18th Sept, 2012 by Hon'ble Director General (ICAR) and Secretary (DARE) Dr S Ayyappan, the Establishment of "Natioanl Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid (NABG)" in ICAR is a national project funded by NAIP. The project enatils the creation and advancement of databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques and theory to solve formal and practical problems arising from the management and analysis of biological data. The field of Bioinformatics focuses on developeing and applying computationally intensive techniques (eg;pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms and visualization) whihc gives the opportunity to quickly and efficiently study the heap of genomic information, chemical structure and other biological data. Bioinformatics has already started showing is profound impect on agricultural research and development. NABG will help Indian scientists to solve problems and mysteries in uncovering wealth of hidden biological information in diffrent subject domains. Objective of the training : a. To provide insights to scientist in analyzing & organizing data related to biological complexity b. To provide understanding of bioinformatics tools and software employed for the data analysis c. To strengthen strategies for integrating bioinformatics tools for data mining Objectives of NABG : 1. Development of agricultural bioinformatics grid for the country 2. Creation of local databases and Bioinformatics Data Warehouse (BinDW) for genomic resources across species 3. Human resource development in agricultural bioinformatics 4. Create and promote inter-disciplinary research groups with focus on agricultural bioinformatics Themes of Subject training : 1. Genome analysis and Gene mapping 2. Phylogenetic studies 3. Development of Biological databases 4. Computational methods for Pathways and Systems Biology 5. RNA secondary structure prediction 6. Computational Biology methods and Protein structure prediction 7. Docking studies 8. DNA bar coding and Molecular markers of insects 9. Insecticides resistance and management Instructions to the Applicant : 1. The complete application should be emailed to Dr S.K.Jalall, Principal Scientist and Laboratory Chief, Biotechnology Laboratory at or to Dr M.Nagesh, Principal Scientist Pathology Laboratory at 2. The application should be submitted through proper channel. 3. Workshop details are also available online at 4. Selected participants are eligible for TA (as per ICAR norms). Train fare is limited to AC II tier of Railways on submission of original ticket. Selected candidates will be informed via email Total No of Participants : 20 Contact : Dr S.K.Jalani Principal Scientist & Laboratory Chief Biotechnology Laboratory Email : Phone : 080-2351 1982 Extn 337/080-3521627 Deadline : 15.02.12

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